At Origins, we have classic cars in the blood. We’ve grown up in families where they were a central theme and, when we look back, it becomes obvious as to where our passion comes from. 

What it means

Having this in the blood means that we appreciate just how important it is to get things right when you’re buying, storing, caring for or selling your cherished car. We share in the immense pleasure, joy and pride that these creations can deliver. To entrust something of such importance irrespective of its financial value can be a significant leap of faith. We’re here to take the leap away and deliver on your faith.

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We buy and sell cars based on their condition and desirability and whilst it may be a cliche, we don’t buy what we wouldn’t want to own.

Given the breadth of our respective interest, this does mean that we often have quite an eclectic mix of vehicles for sale. If you are looking for something in particular, or have something to sell, then we suggest that you contact us for a chat. We can purchase cars outright, or sell them on a commission basis and similarly, can find a specific car for you.

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Located in a beautiful rural location near the world heritage site of Avebury in Wiltshire, access to Junction 16 on the M4 is simple and direct just 15 minutes away. The facility is covered by a complete CCTV and alarm system which benefits from remote online access 24 hours a day. Dedicated to both classic and sports cars as well as motorcycles, each vehicle is covered and cared for.

Terms - £100 PCM for cars which includes fully comprehensive insurance. Individual, tailored packages to suit your cars exacting needs. collection and delivery service for anywhere in the UK. Flexible short and long term storage available.

Sold & Testimonials

Here are just a few of the collection of happy customers that we have historically dealt with. If further information is required, we'd be happy to share it with you.

You can swipe the images, or click on the dots, to view some of the vehicles we have sold.


Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or store, we can help. We are flexible on how we structure these services so all you need to do is start the conversation. Similarly, we are able to collect and deliver your vehicle or provide flexible assistance.

We are also able to MOT, service and maintain cars stored with us. Vehicle Search, Sales, Maintenance, Pick-up & Delivery, Valeting.


Like most people involved in classic cars, we come across all sorts of interesting automotive related items on a regular basis. It's definitely worth a quick perusal to see what we've got.

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About us

Cameron sat in Lotus 23s, 11s, Elites and Elans as a child whilst his father raced in events across Europe, against the big names of the day. Today, his son Arran is already showing more than just a passing interest in classics.

David is ex RAF with a passion for old cars and motorbikes. His father was not only involved in rallying but was part of the MOD road safety programme. His grandfather worked for Douglas motorcycles and went on to be a main agent for them in Newport and was involved in racing the bikes.

Julian's interest was piqued by his father's sports cars, spending early years staring through the windscreen of a series 1 E-type, only to get an insatiable bug for motorcycles later on. He is still working hard on fulfilling his childhood dreams of owning the bikes on the posters that adorned his bedroom walls and has a collection of off-road Honda's as a result.

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Visits to Origins Classic Cars are by appointment only. Please phone or email for more information.