1950 MG TD 

If you have been searching for one of the best MG TD’s available, we believe, quite simply, your search should be over with this magnificent example. Whether you are a collector, investor or enthusiast, It has the all the combined qualities you could wish for; a rare original right hand drive home market example with matching numbers, a known history from new, with supporting documentation and one that 15 years ago was the subject of a complete, bare chassis, professional restoration to concours standard.

The pictures you see today are current and the stunning overall condition of this MG TD makes it in our opinion, special. It is a cut above anything else we have seen on the market. It is a true testament to the quality of the workmanship that some 15 years later it still looks restoration fresh. The work was carried out by a marque specialist and it shows, the attention to detail and engineering throughout is close to flawless.

About ZK 4233

ZK 4233 left the Abingdon factory in England on the 13th June 1950. It was one of only 149 right hand drive examples produced that year for the home market (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland). It arrived at Booth Poole of Dublin, Ireland in CKD form which was as a complete car but in partially built state to be fully assembled by Booth Poole. ZK 4233 was then delivered to O’Brien’s Tallow Garage and Car Sales of Cork. The first owner was a Mr John K Barry of Cork and ZK 4233 was first registered for the road on the 11th November 1950. In 1961 ZX 4233 had found its way back to England and had been acquired by a Mr Anthony Wilson Hill of Swindon on the 8th December 1961. Mr Hill by all accounts had a large collection of over 40 cars at anyone time and was a known collector. The Hill family out of interest have a very large and successful waste management company to this day, here in Wiltshire of which Mr Anthony Hill is still a Director of. ZK 4233 would reside with Mr Hill for the next 32 years until he sold it to a Mr James Crannage of Somerton, on the 4th October 1994. By now the passage of time had caught up with ZK 4233 and Mr Crannage had it partially restored and re-painted in Ivory white. Half a century on and at the start of a new millennium, ZK 4233 on the 31st July 2000 found a new owner, Mr Anthony Edward Davis of Fareham. Mr Davis, with the benefit of hindsight, would become pivotal in ensuring ZK 4233 would become the fine example we see today. For he decided to commence a thorough restoration and fully stripped the MG. Unfortunately, Mr Davis passed away before completing the project. However, his widow took it upon herself to complete it and entrusted this work to local, marque specialist Martin Cawte, then of Abingdon Sports Cars Ltd. Looking over the car today, you have to say that this was a money no object project. Particularly when you get down on your hands and knees and take a closer look. We can not stress how well this MG has been engineered and put together. The chassis still looks like new. The ash frame was clearly replaced, the body panels are all correct and then all the component parts have been beautifully presented and correctly positioned. But perhaps best of all is the sumptuous red interior which is just a thing of beauty. We get the feeling that Mrs Davis probably completed the project in honour of her late husband as when it was finished the restorer Martin Cawte was tasked to find a new owner. And that lucky man was a Mr Michael Hadley of Fareham an ex Captain in the Royal Navy, who took ownership on the 21st June 2005. I have spoken recently with Martin Cawte and he remembers the car well and Mr Hadley. At the time Martin was a little surprised that such a “big framed” man would go for the TD and as it happened he was proved right as a year later Mr Hadley exchanged it for a MGC (which he still owns to this day) and ZK 4233 was found a new home, again via Martin Cawte and on the 14th July 2006 a Mr William John Saunders took ownership. Mr Saunders would go on to own and enjoy ZK 4233 for over ten years. We must give credit here to Mr Saunders because he has gone to a lot of trouble in researching the history of ZK 4233 and thanks to him there is a very comprehensive history file with the car.  Mr Saunders took ZK 4233 down to his holiday home in Portugal and it was here that the current owner fell in love with ZK 4233 whilst staying at his holiday home and bought the MG in 2017. The current owner being based abroad a lot of the time has not used ZK 4233 as much as he would have liked and has therefore decided that somebody else should really be enjoying owning, driving and showing this exceptional MG TD.

ZK 4233 Today

The good news is ZK 4233 goes as well as it looks. It starts easily and when warmed up the engine has a nice, clean throttle response and the stainless-steel exhaust gives off a nice note. These are not the most powerful of cars but that’s not the point really it’s about the whole driving experience and the 1250cc engine still provides enough to make driving it fun.

ZK 4233 is MOT and tax exempt but for your peace of mind it comes with a current MOT. Whilst not originally fitted with indicators when new, sensibly they have been retro fitted now. Also, the wind deflectors fitted add to your comfort. For a bit of security, a battery master cut off switch has been discreetly fitted below the bulkhead. And speaking of the bulkhead it is when you get your head in there and look underneath the dashboard you can really see the quality of the workmanship, everything is routed and fitted correctly to a new wiring loom and just looks right, the attention to detail is impressive.

ZK 4233 comes with a full tonneau cover and a hood with side screens finished in the same colour as the tonneau cover.

The afore mentioned history file is made up of several files there is so much of it. There are four in fact, one of which sets out the complete known history of the car with many past MOT’s and Tax disc’s and several invoices for maintain the car included. The other binders contain a complete history of the MG marque, a maintenance and restoration guide and a list on suppliers and clubs, which the MG TD is very well served by to this day. There is also a MG TD operation manual and a workshop manual.

And finally, when it comes to value, we have taken a good look at the market and have come up with what we feel is an extremely sensible asking price. This was confirmed when I spoke with Martin Cawte recently and when I told him the figure, there was a silent pause on the phone and then he said “that seems like good value” which I think says it all.

£23,950 ONO